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Coral Gables' History

The building that Coral Gables has occupied for over 60 years, was built in 1906. Although the inside has undergone numerous changes, the basic outside structure is the same as the Leindecker boys from Chicago designed and built one hundred twelve years ago. The Coral Gables Complex in Saugatuck, Michigan is one of the oldest family owned restaurant and bar sites in the state. Mike Johnson is the current owner, and sole surviving son of the founder, Tom Johnson. Tom purchased the Old Crow Bar and Hotel Saugatuck from Dale Crow in 1958. He quickly renamed the complex to Coral Gables, Hotel Saugatuck. Rental rooms were dropped in the early 1970's. However, customer demand has prompted us to revisit the possibility of Hotel Rooms, once again. Everything in Saugatuck is within walking distance of Coral Gables.

Presently there are three restaurants, four bars, as well as year round banquet facilities. For fun, try our boat, paddle board, kayak,  jet ski rentals,  We also offer a beautiful marina and a yacht brokerage.

drawing of coral gables